Britain Explorer

Britain Explorer was first established in 2011 as a website dedicated to finding the most curious places of interest in Great Britain. Due to popular demand, the website was redeveloped in 2013 to offer a far wider range of destinations.

At the heart of Britain Explorer is a team of enthusiastic researchers, writers, and photographers. Everyone involved is passionate about the culture and history of these islands and every effort is being made to visit and photograph each destination. That's quite a challenge as there are over 5,800 destinations in the database waiting to be added. That means when the team isn't expanding the website they're out and about somewhere in Britain finding the best destinations for you to visit too.

Unlike other websites, Britain Explorer also focuses on why a place is most fascinating. Does it have a dark history or perhaps it's the site of unusual legends? Many destinations have secrets and mysteries that need to be investigated. Still, while all the articles and entries are meant to be interesting and curious, the goal is not sensationalism but to provide a closer look at certain aspects of past and present culture.

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