WDM farm vending machines

If you are looking for a new product to introduce in the UK market, we would be happy to introduce to you our vending machine for farm fresh products. This way local farmers and shopowners can extend their sales after closing hours, during weekends and late nights, but they can even increase their sale by combining theIir excisting shop with a vending machine. In Belgium, Holland and France sales are on the rise because of the many advantages of automated sale. Customers have immediate access to fresh products at any hour of the day, the farmer doesn't loose valuable time selling his wares and even when absent during the day, the vending machine is a constant selling point!
We produce, distribute and install our own vending machines in Belgium, Holland and France and we are looking for distributers in the UK. we offer an unique assortment of non-refrigerated, refrigerated and freezing units that can all be combined with the same payment terminal. This way you can create your own farmshop without actually having to be there. investing in a vending machine will always be a win-win situation for both farmer and customer.



Stand Number: 293