FARMA members don't just sell; they grow, produce, brew, cook and help it to give birth! From garlic farmers on the Isle of Wight to Aberdeen Angus breeders in Aberdeenshire you name it one of our members will probably be in a field right now growing it!

All members are treated as equals and have access to the full range of benefits. Below we have set out some of the key benefits.

•The opportunity to enter the annual FARMA Awards: these awards are only open to members and are designed to provide members with a chance to stand out from the crowd by showing off how good they are. The awards are judged independently and are awarded at the annual prize evening.

•Member Performance Benchmarking: all members can access a simple benchmarking tool which allows the business to see how they are performing against the industry. Further support is then provided to help members to develop performance improvement plans based on the benchmarking results.

•Regional Discussion Groups: these groups will allow you to work with other similar members to identify issues, listen to industry experts and network.

•Full Free Access to AF Affinity: this service allows you to benefit from one of the largest buying groups in British agriculture. AF Affinity will help you to reduce the cost of running your business in areas such as fuels, gas, phones, kitchen equipment, insurance, building supplies etc.

•Associate Membership Benefits: FARMA has some great Associate Members each of them providing preferential access to their services to FARMA members.

•Discounts: Country Choice: all members get a standard 8% discount on items purchased through Country Choice, and 5% of Booker wholesale

•Attendance at the FARMA Conference with Discounted Rates. This three day event is a must attend event for any farm retail business.

•Highly competitive merchant services of 1.04%. As the role of credit and debit cards becomes increasingly important for retail businesses so have the costs of managing these systems in a business. Rates vary depending on card type and business size.

•Free Shopper Anonymous inspection for all new members. To help you get off to a great start we support all new members with a free mystery shopper visit and report. We believe that by seeing how a customer views your shop or market you are able to improve how your business operates.

•FARMA Market Certification: To ensure that we support farmers` markets that create a real opportunity for the food producer to sell his or her produce, we have created an independent certification process. Through independent inspections FARMA will work with your market to ensure you are able to proudly say you are a real farmers` market.

•Associate Membership: FARMA will provide all associate members with a dedicated webpage which will allow them to promote their business to members of FARMA. The FARMA team will also work with Associate Members to provide marketing opportunities through e-newsletters and other member communication packages. Associate Members will also be informed of all opportunities to engage with members and the industry through sponsorship of award or training etc before these opportunities are promoted more widely. FARMA will work with Associate Members to help them to support all members in every way that they can.

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